The Orthodontist - James Pretorius BChD MChD (with distinction)

James has practiced on the North Shore in Auckland as a specialist orthodontist since 1998. He prides himself on delivering orthodontic care with the highest integrity, professionalism, and a personal touch.

Prior to 1998, he was in private practice as a dentist and then as an orthodontist in South Africa. He has held positions as a senior lecturer in orthodontics at Pretoria University and in New Zealand at Otago University.

James’ Specialist Expertise

James provides specialist orthodontic treatment consultations for all ages, young and old. He has significant experience and expertise in his field.
His expertise is in:

  • Correcting overjets, overbites, underbites, and crossbites
  • Eliminating crowding and closing spaces
  • Correcting jaw discrepancies
  • Expanding upper and lower jaws if appropriate (to eliminate permanent tooth extractions in some cases)
  • Using a multidisciplinary team approach when jaw surgery is indicated

This is accomplished with fixed appliances called ‘braces’, or when needed, removable or functional appliances, or a combination of these appliances.