Initial Orthodontic Treatment Consultation

Our initial orthodontic treatmentconsultations take approximately 45 minutes. When you leave your surgery I hope to have answered all your basic queries specific to your case. Once you understand the basic orthodontic problem, it will be easy to decide if you wish to proceed with a full orthodontic assessment and treatment.

At the initial consultation a general discussion takes place to consider the various options available to you, for example not having any treatment, treatment in the future, a possible compromise treatment if suitable, or having a comprehensive
optimum solution.

Full Orthodontic Assessment

The next step would be to do a comprehensive assessment which requires taking full records. This could include x-ray films, photographs of the face and teeth and making study models. All this information is required to fully assess the case so that the final treatment plan can be formulated.

Orthodontic Treatment Plan Discussion

At the second visit James would show you the models, x-ray films and clinical photographs and together discuss with you what the treatment option would be, to optimise the outcome for the patient. Once this has been done you will be given a written report that includes the diagnosis, the treatment plan and the appropriate fee. James would also discuss informed consent.


A breakdown of the fees, based on the severity of the case and the anticipated treatment time included in the report. Patients are provided with several payment options including a mutually agreed upon monthly payment plan.

Consultations and orthodontic treatment - North Shore

Decision Time

 Once you have seen the models of the maligned or crooked teeth, the x-ray films, clinic photographs, and had it all explained to you in simple terms, with no medical jargon, it should be easy for you to consider all options and decide whether to undertake the orthodontic treatment or not.

We take great pride in our case presentation and are often complemented on our clear explanation of what treatment options are available. We only recommend a treatment if we would be prepared to carry out the same treatment on a family member for example, our own children.

After Orthodontic Treatment