Orthodontic Treatment and Consultation in Auckland

I understand that committing to orthodontic work is a large decision. That’s why we take you through every step of the process and make sure that it is right for you. To resolve some of your more lingering concerns we have compiled a list of
frequently asked questions.

What does an initial consultation cost?

A 45 minute initial consultation costs $96.60

What does an initial consultation offer?

When you leave my surgery I would have hoped to have answered your basic queries specific to your case. Once you understand the basic orthodontic problem, it will be easy to decide if you wish to proceed with a full orthodontic assessment and treatment.

What does orthodontic treatment cost?

It depends on the severity of your problem. My best advice is to see a specialist Auckland orthodontist, have the patient fully assessed, and then ask for a written treatment plan with relevant costs shown.

Do you have a monthly payment plan to spread cots over treatment time?

Yes. You can arrange for a monthly payment plan with for example:

  • An initial fee of 20% at commencement of treatment and
  • The balance of 80% can be spread over the length of treatment, for example 24 monthly payments

How long does treatment take?

This depends on degree of difficulty. Most orthodontic cases treated with braces take 18-24 months

At what age should I bring my child in for consultation?

Nine (9) years of age is recommended, but if there is an obvious problem you may decide, for peace of mind, to have your child examined at a younger age. If problems are picked up for example at age 9, some minor interceptive treatment can make it easier to achieve a really good result involving less treatment later on.

This patient was treated in the mixed dentition for a thumb-sucking habit. This is the type of change that can be achieved within 6-12 months. Minimal intervention was applied by the orthodontist, and it will now be much easier to complete the second stage of treatment when all the permanent teeth have erupted. It should also be more economical!

View of customer gums

Do I treat adult patients?

Yes. Most definitely. My oldest patient treated to date was in the early sixties. As they say it is never too late!

Does having orthodontic treatment hurt?

Initially there can be some discomfort, with some tooth sensitivity, or due to braces rubbing on lips and cheeks etc. Also mild discomfort can occur following monthly adjustments. A few patients might take Panadol to relieve discomfort. Discomfort is rarely an issue.

Can I have clear (ceramic) braces?

Yes. This is an option. There are many advantages in using stainless steel brackets but ceramic brackets are an option.